Ali Cy


Ali is a freshman at MIT. She was an Honorable Mention for the 2020 USAJMO, and was on the 2020 USA European Girls' Math Olympiad team, at which she got a silver medal. She started doing math contests seriously in seventh grade. While participating in math contests, she saw the way in which girls were isolated in math and how that helped lead to the under-representation of girls at contests. She founded Athemath in order to help math girls connect to each other. Nowadays, Ali enjoys programming and reading webcomics.

Evan Chen


Evan Chen (v_Enhance) is a math PhD student at MIT and one of the coaches of the USA IMO team. As a high school student, Evan was an IMO gold medalist and winner of the 2014 USAMO (which he took from 12:30am to 5am in Taiwan). Outside of math and teaching, Evan enjoys playing competitive Hanabi and entertaining students on Twitch.

Janabel Xia


Janabel Xia is currently a third-year undergrad at MIT majoring in mathematics. In high school, she served as her school's math team captain, and was also a two-time MOP attendee and an EGMO individual silver medalist on team USA. She has seen first-hand and second-hand the experiences that discourage young girls to continue pursuing math, and hopes to provide support for these girls through Athemath. Outside of math, she also enjoys dancing / choreographing, studying music, and reading.

Serena An

Math Director

Serena is a freshman at MIT who recently finished a gap year studying abroad in South Korea. In high school, she was a two-time MOP qualifier and EGMO gold medalist. She also founded the Brookings Math Circle five years ago to address the lack of math interest and resources in her town. In her free time, she enjoys playing card games, learning languages, and watching movies.

Vivian Loh

Community Director

Vivian, also known as v4913, is currently a high school junior at Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been extremely passionate about math since elementary school, and has lots of experience in math contests including attending MOP in 2021 and 2022, as well as participating in the EGMO in 2022. Ever since reading the enlightening book Euclidean Geometry in Math Olympiads, she has been an enthusiastic fan of geometry. Aside from doing cool math problems, she also enjoys biking, listening to EDM, surfing social media, and teaching (she is also a teacher for Athemath '22-'23!).

Rey Li

Contests Director

Rey Li is a freshman at MIT who was USAJMO winner in 2020 and attended MOP in 2020 and 2021. Rey loves math and helping others with math, and hopes to share the best parts of it with others. Outside of math, Rey plays copious amounts of Slay the Spire and reads a little too much manga.


Cordelia Hu


Cordelia is a junior at Farragut High School. She was a winner for the USAJMO 2022 and a MOP participant, and she began doing math competitions since elementary school. As a transgender woman, she sees firsthand many of the struggles women and other gender minorities face in STEM fields, and hopes to do a small part in helping to alleviate some of their struggles. Aside from math, she enjoys playing piano, listening to EDM, and swimming.

Cordelia is teaching the class NT Olympiad Fundamentals in our Fall 2022 session.

Laura Zhang


Laura Zhang is a high school junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in northern Virginia. She attended MOP in 2022 and also competes with her school's math team. Laura hopes to encourage young girls and nonbinary people to continue pursuing their dreams. Along with math, she enjoys journalism, reading romance novels, and having meaningful conversations.

Laura is teaching the class Algebra and NT Fundamentals in our Fall 2022 session.

Michelle Kang


Michelle Kang is a high school junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia. She attended MOP in 2021 and 2022 and has competed in math contests from a young age. She hopes to inspire and motivate other girls who have a passion in STEM. Outside of math, she loves watching movies, playing card games (especially ERS), and playing table tennis.

Michelle is teaching the class Counting Strategies in our Fall 2022 session.

Nicole Shen


Nicole is a high school senior at Piedmont Hills High School in California. She has competed in various math competitions throughout middle and high school and attended MOP in 2021. Nicole hopes to encourage girls and nonbinary students to participate in whatever excites them, whether it be math, other STEM paths, or anything else! Outside of math, she enjoys learning languages, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Nicole is teaching the class Algebra and Combinatorics Trail Mix in our Fall 2022 session.

Serena Xu


Serena Xu is currently an 11th grade student who homeschools this semester. She was a 2021 MOPper and once got a perfect score in AMC12. She established GmathIRL and wrote Rabbit's Geometry to encourage more participation in STEM fields, especially underrepresented genders. She was also an alum of Athemath’s first session. Moreover, she is really obsessed with EDM and sometimes even remixes different pieces (also 10% DJ) or cuts short videos for fun.

Serena is teaching the class Spicy Geometry in our Fall 2022 session.


Alex Zhao


Alex is a high school junior at Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington. Alex is a two-time USAJMO winner, USAMO silver, and three-time MOP participant, and also attended USA-Canada Mathcamp in 2021 and for the first time in-person in 2022. On the list of things Alex enjoys doing but is terrible at are soccer, his favorite subject rigid combo, and playing the piano. Alex is a hardcore science fiction fan (Dune, Foundation, recently Le Guin), and plays too many video games.

Angeline Zhao


Angeline is a high school sophomore at Phillips Academy Andover. She qualified for the USAJMO and received several awards for females in mathematics, including the Maryam Mirazkhani award. She loves sharing her passion for math with other students. Outside of math, Angeline loves journalism and playing poker with her friends.

Annabel Ge


Annabel is a high school junior from Seattle. She's enjoyed math since elementary school and has attended MOP twice. Outside of math, she likes drawing, listening to music, and rowing.

Emily Yu


Emily is a high school student in New York. She placed 5th at the 2022 Math Prize for Girls and has qualified for AIME twice. She placed in the top 10 in the Mathcounts State Competition, and placed top 10 in NYSML. In her free time, Emily likes to play cards and watch shows.

Gunjan Aggarwal


Gunjan is an 11th grader from India. She has enjoyed Olympiad mathematics ever since she was nine, and has participated in numerous contests over the past few years. She is a 2 time European Math Girl's Olympiad participant and won a bronze medal in 2022, she has attended IMOTC thrice. She is also the director of MOTP. When she is not doing math she likes to sketch, bake and spend hours on her phone.

Jessica Wan


Jessica is a high school junior from Parkland, Florida. Since starting math competitions in elementary school, she has attended MOP in 2020 and 2021 and was a gold medalist at EGMO 2021. Problems involving functional equations are her favorite. Outside of math, she enjoys drawing, watching anime, and running.

Pranav Choudhary


Pranav, a.k.a. Pranav1056, is an 11th grader from India. He has been participating in math contests for 2 years and cleared INMO in 2022. He has also cleared various stages of IFOMG and now represents India at FSJM. Apart from math, he likes to play chess, cards, read physics, go out with friends and talk with new people.

Raina Wu


Raina is a high school junior at Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington. She attended MOP in 2022 and has participated in math contests since elementary school. Outside of math, she enjoys reading, drawing, and playing card games.

Swastika Deb


Swastika is an 11th-grader from Kolkata. She has been doing competition math for 3 years and has taken part in various competitions. Her favorite subjects are geometry and number theory. She is a Sophie fellow and a staff at MOTP. Apart from math, she loves listening to Taylor Swift songs and playing the guitar.

Past Staff

Holden Mui


Holden Mui is currently a sophomore at MIT. He taught at a local gifted academy and also ran a local math circle. He attended MOP three times, was a USAMO Honorable Mention, and placed in the top 25 in the Putnam. In addition to math, he also enjoys playing chamber music with friends and writing music. He thinks he is the reincarnation of Ravel but other people think he is just a turtle.

Isabella Quan


Isabella Quan is a freshman at MIT. She has competed in math contests since 4th grade and attended MOP in 2020 and RSI in 2021. When competing in team contests, she was often the only girl among several boys, and hopes to encourage and inspire girls who are starting off in math. When not working, she enjoys playing Pokemon, writing, and listening to music, especially K-pop.

Isabella is teaching the class My Favorite Things in our Fall 2022 session.

Sanjana Das


Sanjana is a first-year student at MIT. She attended MOP in 2019 and 2020, and was an EGMO gold medalist in 2020 and 2021. Outside of math, she enjoys reading, crosswords, and puzzles.

Pravalika Putalapattu


Pravalika is a high school senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. She won a gold medal at the Math Prize for Girls Olympiad in 2019 and attended MOP in 2020 and 2021. Pravalika is also a central leader of the math nonprofit inteGIRLS and a regular volunteer at Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School, and she is highly passionate about mathematics, education, and activism. She hopes to encourage people of all backgrounds to pursue their STEM passions without fear! Outside of math, she enjoys reading sci-fi/fantasy (current read: The Weight of the Stars - K. Ancrum), painting, and listening to Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

Kaylee Ji


Kaylee Ji is a high school junior at Lexington High School in Lexington, MA. Kaylee is a two-time USAJMO honorable mention and MOP participant. She was on the Canada European Girls' Math Olympiad Team and won a gold medal. Kaylee has seen girls discouraged from preparing for harder competitions and wishes to assist other girls in their math goals. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and taking walks outside.

Andrew Wu

Vice President

Andrew Wu is a rising junior at Yale University, living in the DC metropolitan area. He works as the head problem editor for the Yale-run competitions MMATHS and Girls in Math. In high school he qualified for USA(J)MO thrice, and published two papers in Euclidean geometry. Outside of math, Andrew loves playing piano — classical, pop, musical theatre, anything — and he’s passionate about educational equity, good writing, and graphic design.

Ilaria Seidel


Ilaria Seidel is a senior at Commonwealth School in Boston, MA. She is a second-year research student at the MIT PRIMES program, and attended USA/Canada Mathcamp in 2019. In her free time, she enjoys playing the flute, painting octopuses, and learning languages. She is excited to TA at Athemath!

Janette Park


Janette is currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an undergraduate at MIT. In middle and high school, she participated in various math competitions, including MathCounts, the AMC series, and other local and national competitions. She especially loves geometry and enjoys sharing her passion in math with younger students. Outside of math, Janette is interested in the linguistics field of study and spends her free time watching kpop and dramas.