Spring '23

Athemath ran for the fifth time from February to May of 2023. Six teachers taught courses to thirty-six students.

Some things that happened during Spring '23:

Fall '22

Athemath ran for the fourth time from September to December of 2022. Seven teachers taught courses to forty-two students.

Some things that happened during Fall '22:

Spring '22

Athemath ran for the third time in the spring of 2022, from February to April 2022. Eight teachers taught courses to thirty-nine students.

Snapshots from Spring '22:

Athemath meet-up at G2

Fall '21

Athemath ran for the second time in the fall of 2021, from September to December 2021. Four teachers taught courses to fourteen students.

Snapshots from Fall '21:

Spring '21

After a great deal of preparation in the preceding months, our Virtual Program pilot, the Spring 2021 session, started in March 2021. Four teachers taught our very first courses to twenty students.

Some fun things that happened at Spring '21:

Here is what our students thought of it:

"I really liked it! I think it helped me improve my geometry skills more. The people were really cool and fun to hang out with (both students and staff), and they were all really admirable. I had something to learn from every one of the people."

"Overall, I really liked this program. I learned not only math but also other stuff, such as Hanabi, and I think the community is very nice and helpful."

"The program was fun and informative! It almost felt like a summer camp, especially since I hope to keep in touch with the lovely people I met through the program!"

It wasn't perfect, but it was a good experience for everyone involved and we're super excited to iterate and improve in the fall!